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Places to fish without a license

When you purchase a fishing license, you’re helping to contribute to the conservation and protection of your state’s fish and wildlife resources. The revenue from recreational license purchases often fund state conservation programs, resources management, research, and educational programs. If you’re looking for places to fish without a license, be prepared

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Minnesota’s LakeFinder is angler’s best friend

Anglers, make the most of your Minnesota fishing trip and visit LakeFinder, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ powerful web-based angling tool. The most popular destination on the agency’s website, LakeFinder features detailed information on 4,500 fishing lakes. Available in a desktop version and mobile version, LakeFinder is your gateway to

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How to Gut a Catfish

An acquaintance called recently, and when he said he had a fish question I thought it would be how to fish for something-or-other or where to get a fishing license. Nope. My daughter caught a catfish today,” he said, “and she wanted to keep it. I’ve never cleaned one of these,

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