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10 Day-Saver Flies No Fish Can Resist

The Adams. The Circus Peanut. The Boogle Bug. These are fly patterns that work in a wide array of situations—true go-to flies that get it done day after day over vastly different watersheds. They are the workhorses that make the flyfishing world go round. They are also not the subject

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The Potomac Perch Run 2019

It’s more ceremony than fishing these days to go after Morone americana, the white perch that swim up the rivers running into the Chesapeake Bay in spring to spawn. They’re the sweetest meat you can pull from the river, and the memory of a single good day is enough to

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The Top 25 Life-Saving Survival Skills

Imagine for a moment that you are thrust into an unexpected survival situation, and you need to rely on people in your group for a successful outcome. Now imagine the people in that group are all accomplished survival instructors, survival authors, and similar experts in the field. At that moment

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