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How to Tie Devin Olsen’s Blowtorch Fly

Devin Olsen’s Blowtorch, a popular Euro-nymph competition pattern, is the subject of Tim Flagler’s new instructional video.  Says Flagler: “I really like how this fly incorporates both natural as well as attractive elements, kind of the best of both worlds.” The post How to Tie Devin Olsen’s Blowtorch Fly appeared first

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New Fly Fishing Books

Tactical Fly Fishing: Lessons Learned from Competition for All Anglers by Devin Olsen is a practical book in which Olsen explains how the techniques he has used to become a repeat medalist in fly fishing competitions around the world apply to any anglers. Covering strategies, tactics, and flies for rivers,

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Video Hatch: “After the Man”

In the 13 years since the classic “Running Down the Man” was released, chasing roosterfish in Baja has held its allure and challenge for anglers. This new film from Trident Fly Fishing follows the story of Grant Hartman, “long-time fly fishing guide, surfing extraordinaire, and life-loving local who has spent

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