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Meet the Artist: Lance Boen

Lance Boen in an artist based in Carmel Valley, California. He is known for his work creating leather fish sculptures and the surreal murals that are tooled and painted on the sculptures surface. You can meet Boen and view some of his sculptures at a Meet the Artist event, set

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Tippets: Pacific Salmon Explorer Site, Wonders of Wedlands, New Conservation Measures Proposed for Striped Bass

The Salmon Watersheds Program of the Pacific Salmon Foundation has created a website, the Pacific Salmon Explorer Site, which is an interactive tool focusing on various factors affecting salmon and watershed health in British Columbia. Wetlands play an integral part in an ecosystem, “from buffering coasts against floods to filtering water

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With This Ring… | Field & Stream

In the video below, Michael Waddell is very excited to tell you about the Groove silicone wedding ring. He starts the 3-minute video by creating a shared interest: “If you’re a married man and you are always wanting to look for a better option than the old typical metal wedding

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